Starting to Get the Hang of This
by dpallee

Well the series is well into chapter 5 and I'm beginning to feel comfortable to the webcomic venue. Like so many artists and writers out there, I can see the potential of online comic viewing and I feel I have finally run into the perfect combination of programs to pull this off. I searched and played around with a variety of programs until I stumbled on ones I felt mixed a good comibnation of friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface), file/format saving variables and speed. One thing a number of people have mentioned is their finding it odd that I only draw on screen, with an optical mouse. "Why no tablet?" they ask. I had been trained and worked for years with a mouse and rather than fight to get a tablet, worked at perfecting my mouse skills to a comfortable level that would work for my webcomic, Space Farmer. I have been toying with the idea of another webcomic to add to my arsenal, but right now I should take it slow. and develop a readership.

Into the Thick of Things
by dpallee

Now the cat is out of the bag with my ending of chapter 3, where you readers finally get the name of our lonesome traveler; Kau (pronounced "cow"). Yes the implied puns are there for the reading....Kau against bulls...anyone catch the strange signal being emiitted to the bulls to drive them into a frenzy?-and who is the mysterious figure that pushed the button, hmmm? Well backtracking to my first blog post I made mention how this story's origin came about from a dream my brother had. In the dream he was being hased by bulls through these metal passageways. I worked on the initial story art and let hjim look over the panels, hoping he would be inspired to write down the text for the comic. He gave me some text to fill in on those initial strips, but they had no real direction as far as storyline goes. The working title for the comic was Get Cow Now! I changed the spelling of the main character's name to Kau and gave the plot a bit more background......and that background origin story will make it's way into the saga at some point, but for now, I'm ready to get knee deep into some gratuitous violence.

My first log to the blog
by dpallee

I thought I should write a few words in case someone out there was interested in knowing more about the individual responsible for the webcomic Space Farmer. I've been doing illustration, animation and graphic design for quite some time now and recently decided to sit down to ink out this little story that originated some years ago. The concept behind this comic was inspired by my brother, who had a bizarre dream about me once-like so many dreams and nightmares, only pieces of it were remembered but the main basis of the story was, (in the dream) I was being chased through this tangled mess of steel and pipe tunnels. I will elaborate more on this dream in later posts but for now I need to keep some things held back, until they are revealed in the comic storyline. I feel I have finally found an excellent set of programs to facilitate the construction of this webcomic, two fascinating programs that allow me to draw, ink and color within a manageable time frame-feel free to email me with any questions about these programs (or anything else for that matter) at my email address: while you're at it you might want to check out my blog where I review 2d animated films. I thank all avid readers and supporters of my little story and hope to hear from more of you as the series grows.

D. P. Allee